01. The government is trying to [minimize] the damage caused by the scandal.
02. Eating properly and getting plenty of exercise will help you to [minimize] the risk of a heart attack.
03. If the experiments are set up properly, you can [minimize] the potential for bias in the results.
04. Keeping the injury clean will [minimize] the risk of infection.
05. Careful planning can help to [minimize] the damage which may be done during an earthquake.
06. Corporations are legally created entities which allow people to establish organizations while [minimizing] their personal liabilities.
07. By [minimizing] the cost of transporting our goods, we can reduce the price for the consumer.
08. It is the job of meat inspectors to make sure the food we eat is safe in order to [minimize] the risk of widespread food-poisoning.
09. By doing some research before travelling, you can [minimize] the chances of something going wrong.
10. The walls are made with special materials which [minimize] the amount of noise that can be heard from the outside.
11. When camping in the wilderness, it is important to [minimize] the use and impact of campfires.
12. The spaceship that landed on the moon was built to [minimize] weight and maximize manoeuvrability.
13. The walls have been reinforced in an attempt to [minimize] damage in the event of an earthquake.
14. Stress can slow one's progress and therefore must be [minimized] in order to allow for the full development of one's potential.
15. Research shows that a good marriage calms people, [minimizing] the negative health effects caused by an unhappy job.
16. A recent study shows that certain smells can help car drivers to remain more alert, and help to [minimize] the fatigue associated with prolonged driving.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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